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A Bomb — Rocko Chords

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By: Curbwax

Intro G—D—EM—C (x2)

G            D                               EM                 C            G
Have it your way and maybe one day we’ll see who you really are
G                    D                         EM   C           G
Stay with him all your life and see just how far


G               D                  C                  D
He takes you and how long till he breaks you
    G             C                D                     G
Untill you see that your better of with me


 G           D                    EM                  C                G
Look into my eyes and tell me your truly in love with him
G        D                             EM                C/G
Do you think he’ll say the same thing



C                 D                        G                               C
I swing my fist and he falls down now I know that you'll never come around
 C                    D                       G                            C
You help him up and he says thanks but does he really mean it anyway
C            D                       G                                                 C    D /
I’ sorry that I made him bleed but maybe one day you will see that you better off with