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Aaron Sprinkle — The Boy Who Stopped The World Chords

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	      THE BOY WHO STOPPED THE WORLD — Aaron Sprinkle
Album: Lackluster (2004)
Tabbed by: Johannes Hillebrand

Tuning: Standard w/capo on 2nd fret

Chords (relative to capo):
Am7 x02010
C   x32010
D   xx0232
G   320033
Am  x02210
C/B x2x01x

riff 1 — fingerpicking
         (always let ring,
          play low notes with ring—finger, for high notes use index for 1st,
          middle for 2nd und pinky for 3rd fret notes):
  (C)                            (G)
D|————————————————————————————————————————————0h2—0——(0)—(0)—(0)——| (x2)

[verse — riff 1 (x4)]
Don't think you could stop it now
I'd like to see you try somehow
Realize that it puts it all on you
There's nothing you can do

       Am7                 C
Right now you're sick and tired
                G                  D (0h2 on e—string)
You're feeling sad, you're feeling uninspired
         Am7                   C
But the clock just won't slow down
                  G             D (0h2 on e—string)
Like it gets its kicks pushing you around, you around

[interlude — riff 1 (x2)]

[verse — riff 1 (x2)]
Maybe in the morning it won't be
Quite as bad as it seems

         Am7                  C
But the fact that you can't change
              G                 D (0h2 on e—string)
The speed of sound, the rate of age
      Am7             C
Is an understatement to
            G            D (0h2 on e—string)
A state of mind your not used to, used to

Am   C/B   C    D (0h2 on e—string)
    You'd be forever known
        Am             C/B  C
As the boy who stopped the world
     D (0h2 on e—string)
And made his own

[outro—verse (fingerpick chorus chords lightly)]
      Am7                  C
Right now you're sick and tired
                G           D (0h2 on e—string)
You're feeling sad. feeling uninspired
      Am7              C
So I pray for you my friend
                  G                D
That you'll fall down, you'll give in

[outro — riff 1 (x4)]
You'll give in

| h  hammer—on
| () ghost note, play very lightly