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Acda En De Munnik — Groeten Uit Maaiveld Tab

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Acda En De munnik—Groeten uit Maaiveld.
Hi all. I'd Thought I'd have a go again. if you have any comments,Suggestions, or stupid
and/or lame jokes you want to share, contact me at dpdrommel@hotmail.com PS:Lyrics will
come soon

e|————0————0—— ||————0—————|
G|—3p4————4——— ||——————4—2—|
A|———————————— ||——————————|
E|———————————— ||——————————|

|Em   |A    |G A  |G A  |
|Em   |A    |G A  |G A  |
|Bm   |Em   |G    |A   :