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B3Tacom — Sleepy Kittens Chords

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The chord progression is:
A E D E for the verse,
then D A E for the chorus, it's picked like this:

I wanna stay in bed,
I'm such a sleepy head,
D                                   E
I'm sticking my alarm clock back on snooze.
Oh I'll get up in a bit,
My head it feels like shit,
D                                   E
I promise for the last time no more booze!

D          A             E
Wake up my sleepy friend,
(E cont.)
You gotta wake up now.
D          A             E
Wake up my sleepy friend,
(E cont.)
There's things to do.

Tomorrow I will do it,
I don't think that I blew it,
I'm the king of doing my homework on the bus!
Oh life is good this way,
But I don't be earning pay,
I don't be doing nothing that I must.

Wake up my sleepy friend,
You gotta wake up now.
Wake up my sleepy friend,
There's thing to do.

Oh life is just a yawn,
From the day since I was born,
I was living in my bed inside my dreams.
But life is catching up,
My mates are growing up,
And changing all the world while I sleep.

D            A            E
These winter mornings are so, cold!
D          A               E
I could of had it all, but now, I'm too old. F*ck.

There you go, my most geeky tab to date, enjoy!

P.S. I notice now that someone has added my power tab from the powertab archive on here!