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B J Thomas — Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head Chords

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[C]Raindrops keep falling on my [Cmaj7]head

and [C7]just like the guy whose feet are [F]too big for his b[Em]ed,

[A7]nothing seems to [Em]fit, [A7]Those [Dm7]raindrops are fallin' on 

my head they keep fallin'

[G7]So I just [C]did me some talkin' to the [Cmaj7]sun,

and [C7]I said I didn't like the [F]way he got things d[Em]one

[A7]Sleepin' on the [Em]job, [A7]Those [Dm7]raindrops are fallin' on 

my head they keep fallin'

[G7]But there's one [C]thing I [Cmaj7]know,

the b[F]lues they send to [G]meet me, won't [Em]defeat me

It won't be long till [A7]happiness steps [Dm7]up to greet me[G]

Ra[C]indrops keep fallin' on my [Cmaj7]head,

but [C7]that doesn't mean my eyes will [F]soon be turnin' r[Em]ed,

[A7]Cryin's not for [Em]me, c[A7]ause I[Dm7]'m never gonna stop the 

rain by complainin'

[G7]because I'm [C]free,[Cmaj7][Dm7] [G7]nothings worryin' me[C]