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Back Door Slam — Heavy On My Mind Tab

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Band/Artist: Back Door Slam
Album: Roll Away
Song: Heavy On My Mind

{Intro & Main Riff)

|g—————1——————x—————|  Repeat x4

Ends the Intro and Main Riff


"Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me" — broken down like this:


"May—be my"


"Mind is playing"




"On Me"

|e———|         |e—0—|
|b———|         |b—0—|
|g—5—| Ends on |g—1—|
|d—x—|         |d—2—|
|a—3—|         |a—2—|
|E———|         |E—x—|


"Every creek of the door, every footstep I hear"

|e———|      |e—0———————————0—|
|b—5—|      |b—0———————————0—|
|g—5—| then |g—1—————————0—1—|
|d—7—|      |d—2—2———0h2———2—|
|a—7—|      |a—2———2———————2—|
|E———|      |E—x———————————x—|

"Every howl of the wind, makes me tremble with fear"

|e———|      |e———|      |e—2—|
|b—5—|      |b———|      |b—3—|
|g—5—| then |g—4—| then |g—2—|
|d—7—|      |d—x—|      |d———|
|a—7—|      |a—2—|      |a———|
|E———|      |E———|      |E———|


"Another sleepless night.."
"Lord I can't escape..."

|e—0—|      |e———|      |e———|
|b—0—|      |b———|      |b———|
|g—1—| then |g—3—| then |g—2—|
|d—2—|      |d—x—|      |d—x—|
|a—2—|      |a—5—|      |a—4—|
|E—x—|      |E———|      |E———|

"Thought I left you way behind"

|e———|      |e—0———————————0—| 	    |e———|      |e———|
|b—5—|      |b—0———————————0—| 	    |b———|      |b———|
|g—5—| then |g—1—————————0—1—| then |g—3—| then |g—2—|
|d—7—|      |d—2—2———0h2———2—| 	    |d—x—|      |d—x—|
|a—7—|      |a—2———2———————2—| 	    |a—5—|      |a—4—|
|E———|      |E—x———————————x—| 	    |E———|      |E———|

Here is a video of a live performance to supplement the tab:


I'm still shocked to see that Davy Knowles hasn't been tabbed like crazy on this site yet.
He's a living guitar god and I wish he would get way more recognition, because he's incredible.
But I hope this tab serves as a rough draft for "Heavy on My Mind", and that people will try
to refine it, and correct it. And if you're brave/talented enough, try to tab the solo, 
would be sick.
I hope you enjoy!