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Beatles — All Ive Got To Do (ver 2) Chords

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V1.Whenever[C#m]I want you[E]around, yeah,
All I've got to[C#m]do, is[F#m]call you an the phone,
And you come running home,
yeah that's all I[E]gotta do. 

V2.And when I, I wanna[E]kiss you, yeah,
All I've got to do, is whisper in your ear,
The words you want to hear,
And I'll be kissing you.

Chorus.And the same goes for[E]me, whenever you want me at all,
I'll be[F#m]here, yes i will, whenever you call,
You[A]just got to call on[E]me, yeah,
You[A]just got to call on me.

V3.And when I, I want to kiss you, yeah,
All i want to do, is call you on the phone,
And you'll come running home,
Yeah thats all i got to do.
M—m—[F#m]m—m—m—m—m— m—m—m—m—m—[E]m