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Beatles — All Together Now Tab

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                  SUBMARINE album. Released in the USA on January, 
                  13th and in the UK on January 17th, 1969.


    Tabbed by:PJVillanueva

    This song was recorded in a single session (7:00 pm to 12:30 
    am) on May, 12th 1967, the following day in which BABY YOU'RE 
    A RICH MAN (B side of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE) was recorded.
    The Beatles were finishing SGT PEPPER's album and working on 
    MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR and they'd also agreed to do an animated 
    film after their REVOLVER album song YELLOW SUBMARINE.
    The song was considered rather trite by many when the record 
    was finally released. It was trite enough to be sung by huge 
    crowds on English football stadiums for several seasons, but 
    it was made so simple on purpose. John's harmonica is played 
    in a very nonchalant, almost childish, way and he plays also
    a plastic sax with which he produces some fine humorous bits
    (see 01:12—01:17). He also plays banjo and is quite involved, 
    being a song from Paul, though it's possible that the bridge, 
    which he sings, was his. Paul plays bass, two acoustic guitar 
    tracks and sings, Ringo plays drums and triangle and George 
    just handclaps and backing vocals, like the rest of people 
    they summoned in the studio. The long speeding tempo gives it
    just what it needed to make it into a very funny and cheerful 
    demonstration. I've played this a lot of times and think that
    anyone could sing it sometimes, provided they are able to get 
    loose enough, which I think it's not such a bad thing at all. 

      One, two, three, four
      Can I have a little more
      Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten 
      I love you

      A, B, C, D
      Can I bring my friend to tea
      E, F, G, H, I, J
      I love you           
      Bom  bom bom 
      Bom pa bom  Sail the ship
      Bom pa bom  Chop the tree
      Bom pa bom  Skip the rope
      Bom pa bom  Look at me

      All together now, ...

      Black, white, green, red
      Can I take my friend to bed?
      Pink, brown, yellow, orange and blue,
      I love you.

      All together now, ...

      Bom pa bom  Sail the ship
      Bom pa bom  Chop the tree
      Bom pa bom  Skip the rope
      Bom pa bom  Look at me

      All together now, ...