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Beatles — Dizzy Miss Lizzy Tab

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Hey, I was bored today, amnd I looked for a Dizzy Miss Lizzy Tab, but they
didn't really have any, except for Guitar Pro, and I didn't feel like
putting Guitar  Pro back on my computer, so I figured out the main riff in
a couple seconds. Please don't be angry if it's inaccurate, it's my first

I'm just putting up the main riff, so it's not actually the whole song, so

e|—8—8—8—8p7p5—8—5———|      |—8—8—8—8p7p5—8—7—|
b|———————————————————|      |—————————————————|
g|———————————————————| and  |—————————————————|
d|———————————————————|      |—————————————————|
a|———————————————————|      |—————————————————|
E|———————————————————|      |—————————————————|