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Beatles — Dr Robert Chords

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Dr. Robert:The Beatles.
Album(UK)Revolver, side #2, cut# 4 in '66.

Ring my friend I said you'd call Dr. Robert,
                               F7              F
Day or night he'll be there anytime at all Dr. Robert.
    D7                     Am     D7
Dr. Robert, your a new and better man,
                Am   D7
He helps you to understand,
        C             D7       G
He does everything he can, Dr. Robert.


If your down he'll pick you up Dr. Robert,

Take a drink from his special cup Dr. Robert

Dr. Robert, he's a man you must believe,

Helping everyone in need,

No one can succeed like Dr. Robert.

G                       C       G
Well, well, well you're feeling fine,
G                       C             F
Well, well, well, he'll make you..Dr. Robert.


My friend works for the national health Dr. Robert,

Don't take money to see yourself with Dr. Robert.

Dr. Robert, your a new and better man,

He helps you to understand,

He does everything he can Dr. Robert.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.