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Beatles — I Me Mine (ver 2) Tab

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Once upon a time, or maybe twice; I was seeking for this song on the web, and I just got
poor transcription and I didn't like it. One day I found this little one and I think 

Well, there are 3 guitars in this transcription:
	#1  Electric Guitar W/Disto
	#2  Electric Guitar W/Disto
	#3  Acustic Guitar

You can strum the written chords or you can play them with a Keyboard.
There are also some blues riffs, but don't worry they're not difficult.
...Oh, and Beware, sometimes I wrote riffs from two different guitars on the same tab 
you will understand this when you see it.

NOTE: If you are going to copy this transcription, don't forget to give me the credits


5~~  play fret five with vibrato
5/7  play fret five, slide up to fret seven
7/5  play fret seven, slide down to fret five
5b7  play fret five and bend the string to reach the pitch of fret seven
7r5  release string from bend done
5h7  hammer—on from fret five to fret seven
7p5  pull—off from fret seven to fret five
//5  slide up to fret five from undefined, judge by ear
5//  play fret five, slide down/up (depending) to undefined, judge by ear
(5)  play it almost unhearable

I, Me, Mine (George Harrison)


  Am                      D                        G           E

  Guitar #1 (w/disto)