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Beatles — Norwegian Wood Chords

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Date:Friday February 23, 2001
From:Lukas Payro Rubbersoul200@hotmail.com
Subject:Norwegian Wood9this bird has flown)

NORWEGIAN WOOD (This Bird as Flown)
The Beatles
Rubber Soul (1965)


D add 5    D     Dminor    C  G     eminor  A
—2——5——   —2———  —1———  ————  —3——  —————   ————
—3—————   —3———  —2———  —1——  ————  —————   —2——
—2—————   —2———  —3———  ————  ————  —————   —2——
——————    ————   ————   —2——— ————  —2———   —2———     
                        —3——— —2——  —2——   ————
                        —3——— —3——  ————   ————
Those are the chords i use and i also thought that you would like to know that George Harrison Played a Sitar for this song but the guitar that John Lennon does the intro for the song and it is tabbed below.

D add5        D           D                 D

After the intro comes the words and chords

[D]I once had a girl or should I say[C]she once[G] had[D] me
[D]She showed me her room isn't it good [C]Norwe[G]gian [D]Wood
[DM]She asked me to stay and she told me to sit any[G]where
[DM]So I looked around and i noticed there wasn't a [EM]chair   A
[D]I sat on the rug biding my time [C]drinking [G]her [D]wine
[D]We talked until two and then she said [C]its time [G]for [D]bed


[DM]She told me she worked in the morning and started to [G]laugh
[DM]I told her I didn't and crawled off to sleep in the [EM]bath    A
[D]And when I awoke I was alone, [C]this bird [G]has [D]flown
[D]So I lit a fire isn't it good [C]Norwe[G]gian [D]Wood


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