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Beatles — Strawberry Fields Forever Acoustic Tab

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Written by Lennon/McCartney

From Anthology 2 (CD 2 — Track 1)

Capo at 1st fret

C    — x32010
G    — 320033
Bm   — x24432
Dm   — xx0231
Am   — x02210
Am/G — 3x2210
F    — 133211
C*   — x32013
Gm   — 355333
Gm7  — 353333
A7   — x02020

G        Bm             Dm     
No—one i think is in my tree
Am         Am/G            F
 I mean it must be high or low
            G                   C             Am 
That is you can't you know tune in but it's alright
F          G                  F      C
 That is I think it's not too bad

G       Bm      Dm           
Always, no, sometimes think it's me
Am         Am/G             F
 But you I know when it's a dream
         G                    C                    Am      
I mean I think a no will be a yes but buts its all wrong
F          G           F     C
 That is i think i disagree

 Let me take you back cos im going to
Gm                  Gm7
 Strawberry fields
 Nothing is real
    F          A7      
And nothing to hung about
F                    C    Am
Strawberry fields forever
F                    C    Am
Strawberry fields forever
F          G         F    C  
Strawberry fields forever