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Beatles — Suicide Chords

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The Beatles

C           Dm7          Em
If when she tries to run away
       Dm7       G7         C
and he calls her back — she comes.
C            Dm7         Em    
If there's a next time — He's ok
            Dm7     G7       C    
Cause she's under — Both his thumbs.
Em                  Dm7
She'll limp along — to his side
Dm7               G7
Singing a song of ruined nights
C     Em            F
Daddy says "Nothin' Doin'"
   C     Em*—Ebm—Dm
Ah————               ...I call it Suicide.


  C       Dm7       Em       G7       F        Em*          Ebm
||||o|   ||||oo   ||||||   |||||o   o|||oo   |||||| fr. 3  |||||| fr. 3
||o|||   |||o||   |oo|||   |o||||   |||o||   ||||||        |||oo|
|o||||   ||||||   ||||||   o|||||   |oo|||   |||oo|        ||||||

|||oo| fr. 3