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Beatles — You Never Give Me Your Money Chords

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Tabbed by MitchellSalad
January 6, 2008

Am7 — x02010
Dm9 — xx0210
G7 — 320001
C — x32010
Fmaj7 — xx3210
Bm7b5 — x2323x
E7 — 020100
Am — x02210
C/G — 3x2013
G — 320001
C7 — x32310
F — 133211
Bb — x13331
D7 — x5453x
Eb7 — x6564x
G7* — 353433
A7 — x02020
F#7 — 242322
G#7 — 464544
A — x02220
B — x2444x
E — 022100
Dm — xx0231
G/D — xx0433
Am/D — xx0555
C* — x320xx
G/B — x2000x
A* — x02225

Intro           |Am7      |Dm9      |G7       |C        |
                |Fma7j    |Bm7b5 E7 |Am       |Am       |

Verse 1         Am7                       Dm9
                  You never give me your money,
                G7                      C
                  You only give me your funny paper,
                Fmaj7                    Bm7b5     E7
                  And in the middle of negot — i — ations
                You break down.

Verse 2         Am7                   Dm9
                  I never give you my number,
                G7                   C
                  I only give you my situation,
                Fmaj7                    Bm7b5      E7
                  And in the middle of invest — i — gation
                Am            C/G  G
                I break down.

Bridge          C                 E7
                  Out of college, money spent,
                Am             C7
                See no future, pay no rent,
                F                 G               C
                All the money's gone, nowhere to go.

                C            E7
                  Any jobber got the sack,
                Am             C7
                Monday morning turning back,
                F              G               C
                Yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go.

                    Bb                      F            C
                But oh, that magic feeling,   nowhere to go!
                Bb                      F            C
                Oh, that magic feeling,   nowhere to go!

                Nowhere to go!

Link            |:Bb      |F        |C        :|  Play 3 times
                  Ah,_____________ ooh.____

                |D7       |Eb7  G7* |C7   A7   |Eb7   C7  |F#7  Eb7 |A7 F#7 G7* G#7 |

Verse 3         A                  B
                  One sweet dream,
                C                    E               A
                Pick up the bags and get in the limousine.
                Dm             G/D
                Soon we'll be away from here,
                Am/D                G/D             A
                Step on the gas and wipe that tear away,
                                B           C* G/B A*
                One sweet dream   came true      today,
                          C* G/B A*
                Came true      today
                          C* G/B A*
                Came true      today
                              C* G/B A*
                Yes it did...

                |:C*          G/B
                  One two the four five six seven
                  All good children go to Heaven...:|  Repeat to fade