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Blink 182 — 21 Days Chords

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Blink 182
21 Days
1998 Kung Fu Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D —   xx0232
A —   x02220
Bm —  x24432
G —   320033
C —   x32010
F#m — 244222


Bass Solo: D—— x16

Distortion: D——A—Bm—G— x2

Verse 1:
   D                   A
My mind wanders as I'm trying 
       G                    F#m
not to fall in love with you
      D            A
Cause everytime I awake I 
G               F#m
ponder on my mistakes of
D                 A
What I said it is always my
  G                    F#m
esteem that I sure lose
D                    A
Playing those stupid games 
   G               F#m
as I always end up chasing you

Interlude: D——A—Bm—G— x2

  Em           G       D
I can't help myself anymore
  Em          G
Rehearsing my thoughts as I'm
too scared to come to your door
  Em             G
I pushed it all aside just 
         D               Em
to stand next to you But now 
you won't talk to me for
               D        A(hold)
something that i didn't do
It's not gonna work

Bass Solo: D——A—Bm—G— x2

Verse 2:
And I'm trying not 
            A  Bm G
to think of you
I'm all confused as I think 
       A           Bm      G
of the things that I would do
I'm all shook up as I 
        A             Bm G
get all nervous inside
My emotions are something that
A      Bm     G
I will always hide my ways

Bass Solo: D——A—Bm—G— x2

Outro: G——D——A—Bm—C— x3, 
G——D——A——G——, D(hold)