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Blink 182 — Carousel Chords

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Blink 182
Cheshire Cat
1994 Grilled Cheese Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D —  x00232
A —  x02220
Bm — x24432
G —  320033
Em — 022000


D———A———Bm———G——— x2

Bass Solo:
D——A——Bm——G— x2
D—A—Bm—G— x4

Beat Changes: D——A——Bm——G—— x2

Distortion: D——A——Bm——G—— x4

Verse 1:
D                     A
  I talk to you every now and then 
Bm                 G
  I never felt so alone again 
D                      A
  I stop to think at a wishing well 
Bm                         G
  My thoughts send me on a carousel 
D            A             Bm
  Here I am standing on my own 
      G                   D
Not a motion from the telephone 
       A            Bm
I know not a reason why 
Solitudes a reason to die 

D          Em       A  G
  Just you wait and see
    D          Em
As school life is a 
A         G
  It is a woken dream 
D            Em       A    G
  Aren't you feeling alone? 
  I guess its just another
  I guess its just another
  I guess its just 
another night alone

Interlude: D——A——Bm——G—— x2

Verse 2:
D               A
  Now as I walk down the street 
Bm                      G
  I need a job just to sleep in sheets 
D                   A
  Buying food every once in a while 
Bm                  G
  But not enough to purchase a smile 
D                    A
  A tank of gas is a treasure to me 
Bm                G
  I know now that nothing is free 
D                     A
  I talk to you every now and then 
Bm                 G
  I never felt so alone again

Interlude: D——A——Bm——G—— x4

(Repeat Chorus)

End on D(hold)