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Blink 182 — Degenerate Chords

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Blink 182
Dude Ranch
1997 MCA Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bb — x13331
F —  133211
Dm — xx0231
Eb — x68886
Cm — X35543

Intro: Bb—F—Dm—Cm— x2

Verse 1:
Bb             F
  Crossed the street
Dm       Cm
Naked at night
Bb     F       Dm
  Bent over to show 
some moonlight
Bb                F
  Pulled out some beer 
      Dm        Dm
and I gulped it down
Bb          F
  Nude in a gutter is
Dm        Cm
how I was found
Bb              F
  Thrown in a police car
        Dm    Cm
and the door slammed
Bb              F
  No noise just silence 
as I screamed my 
Cm       Bb
dick was jammed
       F          Dm
Now in prison for one 
month no one to 
Bb        F
see All I got is 
        Dm   Cm
this guy Ben Dover

Bb                           F
  Don't like hesh don't like rap
Kicked ol' Sally cause she's
Eb                   F
fat I'm a jerk I'm a punk
Took a shower cause I stunk
Smoked a bong killed a cat
Had my nuts attacked by rats
Dad got nude I wore a thong
For a hobby I make bombs


Fast: Bb—F—Eb—F— x2

Slow: Bb—F—Dm—Cm x2

Verse 2:
Bb          F       Dm       Cm
  Went to a farm to tip some cows
Bb       F           Dm       Cm
  Forgot that I left my pants down
Bb     F       Dm        Cm
  Bent over to pick them up 
Bb       F            Dm
  Felt a twelve gauge right
      Cm       Bb
in my hum didi hum
The famer took me 
Dm     Cm
to his house
Bb              F
  Showed me the closet 
         Dm     Cm
from the inside out
Bb           F
  The police came 
    Dm       Cm
and took me away
Bb        F
  Saw Ben Dover again 
    Dm         Cm
and he's still gay

(Repeat Chorus)


Bb—F—Eb—F— x4

Slow: Bb—F—Dm—Cm x2

(Repeat chorus)

End on Bb(hold)