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Blink 182 — Dont Leave Me (ver 2) Chords

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                                                            Don't Leave Me—blink—182

Tabbed by: Toast&bananas12

Intro x2

Verse 1

Don't leave me all alone 
just drop me off at home
I'll be fine it's not the first 
Just like last time but a little worse

A             Bm                D                    E
She said that I'm not the one that she thinks about and
A                 Bm                     D              E
she said it stopped being fun I just bring her down
A                  Bm                     D                      E       
I said don't let your future be destroyed by my past
A             Bm                          D
She said don't let my door hit your ass


Verse 2

One more chance I'll try this time
I'll give you your's I want take mine
I'll listen up pretend to care
Go on ahead I'll meet you there


Interlude/bass solo x4

A             Bm                 D               E
Let's try this one more time with feeling


That's it easy and quick.