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Blink 182 — Mms Chords

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Blink 182
Cheshire Cat
1994 MCA Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E —   022100
B —   x24442
C#m — x46654
A —   x02220
F#m — 244222

Intro: E——B——C#m——A—— x2

Verse 1:
E                  B
  You and I should get 
          C#m  A
away for awhile
E                B
  I just want to be 
                 C#m A
alone with your smile
E                    B
  Buy some candy and cigarettes
          C#m       A
and we'll get in my car
E                  B
  We'll blast the stereo and 
      C#m             A
we'll drive to Madagascar

             F#m      A
Because when I'm with you 
        E                  B
there's nothing I wouldn't do
F#m              A            E  B
  I just want to be your only one
F#m            A
  I'm grasping out at straws 
E                  B
  thinking back to what I saw
That night on the floor 
     A            E   B
when we were all alone

(Repeat Intro)

Verse 2:
E         B                   C#m  A
  My love life was getting so bland
E                B
  There are only so many ways 
      C#m               A
I can make love with my hand
E              B
  Sometimes it makes me want to 
C#m  A E             B
laugh    Sometimes I want to 
        C#m            A
take my toaster in the bath

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: E——B——C#m——A—— x4

E             B              C#m A
  Who's gonna be the odd man out?
E                 B              C#m A
  I dont wanna to be the odd man out
E         B               C#m A
  Is this going to be the end
E        B            C#m
  Or are you going to be
A            E(hold)
  My new girlfriend?