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Blink 182 — Sometimes Chords

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Blink 182
Cheshire Cat
1994 Grilled Cheese Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em — 022000
C —  x32010
G —  320033
D —  xx0232

Intro: Em—C—G—D— x6

Verse 1:
Em         C
  Oh how I wish that 
           G   D
they would last
Em           C
  Moments of peace that just
     G             D
slip through me so fast
Em            C
  Just when I think that 
        G       D
they are gonna stay
Em             C
  Everything inside me 
      G             D
just starts fading away

  Sometimes it seems 
like all I hope for
Just gets thrown 
down on the floor
And then it seems like 
you don't love me anymore
  Sometimes I wish that 
I could run away
  Sometimes I wish I just
had something to say

Interlude: Em—C—G—D— x4

Verse 2:
Em             C
  She looks at me and doesn't
G                 D
know the words to say
Em            C
  Oh it's not you I just 
      G                  D
don't feel quite right today
Em          C
  All these things I say and
G             D
do were never planned
Em            C
  But how the fuck am I supposed 
   G              D
to make you understand that

(Repeat chorus)

Outro: Em—C—G—D— x2