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Bob Dylan — Its All Over Now Baby Blue Tab

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by Bob Dylan

The highway is for gamblers
G             D
Use your sense
Take what you have gathered
        G          D
From coincidence
Em                        G                     D
Yonder stands your orphan with his gun
Em               G             D
Crying like a fire in the sun

F#                                          A    Asus4   A
Look out babe, the sky is falling through
      Em                G             D
And it's all over now, baby blue

Leave your stepping stone behind girl, start anew
Forget about the debts you owe, they will not follow you
Your lover who just walked through that door
Has taken all his blankets from your floor
Look out babe, the cup is flowing over you
And it's all over now, baby blue

Well, strike another match girl, go and, go start anew
Go start anew
And it's all over now, baby blue

It's all over now, baby blue
It's all over now, baby blue
It's all over, all over, all over, baby blue
Yeah, yeah, yeah

A: 002220
G: 320003
D: 000232
Em: 022000
F#: 244322
Asus4: 002230 

Cool song. No disrespect to Bob, but Courtney (Love) sings it better. If u've got 
broadband u can listen to Hole's version on http://kittyradio.com/hole/audio/

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