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Bob Dylan — Nettie Moore Chords

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Nettie Moore by Bob Dylan
Album: Modern Times

I think I got it right!
Relatively easy song to play. Just one unusual chord. You can omit some of the full 
if you're finger picking.
Capo IV — All chords given as shapes.
Em 022000
G/f# 20003x
G 320003 (I alternate with G5 320033)
Am x03320
Am7 x03020
Bbdim5(add 6) x1203x
C x32010
D xx0232
B7 x21202

Em — G/f# — G — G — Bbd5a6 — Am
Em — G/f# — G — Am7 — G — D — G

Em        G/f#         G
Lost John sittin' on a railroad track
Bbd56            Am
Somethings outta wack
Em         G/f#             G         Am7
Blues this morining falling down like hail
G                    D    G
Gonna leave a greazy trail

repeat pattern

Gonna travel the world is what I'm gonna do
Then come back and see you
All I ever do is struggle and strive
I don't do anybody any harm I might make it back home alive

I'm the oldest son of a crazy man
I'm in a cowboy band
I got a pile of sins to pay for and I aint got time to hide
I'd walk through a blazing fire baby if I knew you was on the other side

D  C G
Oh I miss you Nettie Moore
And my happines is over
D                                G
Winters gone, the river's on the rise
I loved you then and ever shall
            C                  G
But there's no—one left in our town
                   D               G
The world has gone black before my eyes

And that's it! Just keep repeating for verses and chorus