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Bob Dylan — Tonight Ill Be Staying Here With You Chords

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From: Harlan L Thompson 


  G        C              G
Throw my ticket out the window
             C               G
Throw my suitcase out there too
           C      Bm        C
Throw my troubles out the door
                   Bm  Am
I don't need them any more
          G              C               G	G
'Cause tonight I'll be staying here with you 

I should have left this town this morning 
But it was more than I could do  
Oh, your love comes on so strong 
And I've waited all day long 
For tonight when I'll be staying here with you 

Cm                G
Is it really any wonder
 Cm                              G 
The love that a stranger might receive  
 Ab                              C
You cast your spell and I went under 
 Am                        D    C  Bm  Am  D
I find it so difficult to leave 

(n.C.)                          G  C  G
I can hear that whistle blowin'
I see that stationmaster, too,
If there's a poor boy on the street 
Then let him have my seat 
'Cause tonight I'll be staying here with you 


(from Nashville Skyline, 1969)
(sent by Harlan at harlant@hawaii.edu)