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Bon Jovi — Bed Of Roses (ver 5) Chords

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yoyo im jeremy from mauritius.my first tab....it sounds very good,but leave any comment
j_pavillon@yahoo.com ok????


dedicated tomy breda bobby who learn me guitar...check this out

  A                                          E          A
sittin here wasted and wounded,on this old piano.tryin hard to capture the
                       E                     G#m                  A
moment,this mornin i don't know.caus' this bottle of vodka still lies in
                E                                                    A 
my hand, some blond give me nightmares,think that she's still in my bed.as
                           B                         E
i dream about movies,they won't make of me when im dead.
         A                                                   E
with an iron clad fist,i wake up,with a french kiss in the mornin.while
        A                                                 E            
some marchin band keeps its own beat in my head while were talkin.about all
                        A                    E
of those things that i long to believe,about love,the truth,what you mean
                A       A           B          E     B
to me and the truth is,baby you're all that i need.
                      C#M      B         A       E   
    C#M        B
REFRAIN:cause i wanna lay you down in a bed of roses.for tonight i sleep on
   A       E           A             E          
      E    C#M  B
a bed of nails.i wanna be just as close as.the holy ghost is,lay you
  A               E
down,on a bed of roses.

           A                     B                     E
well the hotel's bar hangover,whiskys gone dry,the bartender's wig
                                      A                                B
crooked,she's giving me the eye,i'd rather say yes,but i laugh so hard i think i died.


  A                                                 E
well as you close your eyes,know i've been thinkin about you.why my
A                                                E                  A
mistress she calls me to stand in her spotlight again,tonight i won't be
                                           E                C#M      B
alone that you know i don't mean i'm not lonely.i've got nothing to prove
         A                E
for its you,i'll die to defend.