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Bon Jovi — Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars Chords

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Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
from the "Crush" album by Bon Jovi

Transcribed by Sidney Richards 

First tab for me, don't think I got it entirely right, please
let me know of any mistakes.



Verse 1:

C                              F              G
Dressed up for a big day, like Halloween Day, but it was the fourth of July now

C                                   F             G
A car crash, with a suitcase, and a painted face, she was one of a kind

            Am                 A7                             F
She wears a plastic crown like Cinderella, and rollerskates in bed

C                                               F             G
He rides a greyhound, from his hometown, when he comes around, 'cause they don't let him drive now

C                                  F          G
Mixed up, as a milkshake, but make no mistake, Crash is looking like a Star


C                  F         G
You and me, we're invincible, together

C                F        G
We can be, oh so tragical, whatever

Am                   A7     C                    F
Dressed up just like Ziggy, but he couldn't play guitar

F                     G                 C
Captain Crash and the beauty queen from Mars

Verse 2:

C                                    F                     G
Share a toothpick, trading lipstick, watching traffic, for days at the diner

C                                  F                    G
Holding hands, making big plans, playing Superman, he was wearing eye liner

Am            A7                             F
Another local legend, and his longtime lucky charm

Play Chorus


Am                    A7               G                     F
They're drunk on love, as you can get, getting high on lust, and cigarettes

Am           A7                F                     G
Living life, with no regrets, at least they're gonna try to fly


Bridge 2:
C                  F         G
You and me, we're invincible, together

C                F        G
We can be, oh so tragical, whatever

We're Sid and Nancy

Fred and Ginger

Clyde and Bonnie

Liz and Richard

Kurt and Courtney

Bacall and Bogie

F               G
Joltin' Joe and Ms. Monroe

F                           G                  C
Here's captain crash and the beauty queen from mars

Repeat till end:

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