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Bon Jovi — Distance Chords

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the distance
bon jovi from the album bounce

Dsus2 — G — Bm — G
Dsus2 — G — Bm — G
verse 1
          Dsus2               G
There's a train out in the distance
     Dsus2          G
destination still unknown
     Bm                 G
Far away where no one's waiting
so far from home, so far from home

verse 2
          Dsus2             G
There's a rose outside your window
    Dsus2                 G
the first snow is falling down
          Bm               A
Like that lonesome whistle blowing
          G              A
I keep on going, keep on going...

Dsus2                      G
Close your eyes and see my blue skies breaking through these
Dsus2                   G
dark clouds You are the light
Dsus2                     G                       Bm                      G
In my mind I see your red dress and your arms are reaching through the night
G — G/F# — G — G/F# — G
I'll never give up the fight
I'll go the distance

play intro

verse 3
          Dsus2              G
There's a thread that runs between us
         Dsus2              G
pulling 'cross this great divide
          Bm              A
It's only there for the believers
             G                     A
Don't stop believing, don't stop believing

play chorus a few times and then play
                        A     B     D     C#     B     A
ill go the distance

thats it im trying to tab the whole album but its harder than it looks questions comments email me yobbos_rule@hotmail.com