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Bon Jovi — Just Older (ver 3) Chords

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 artist: Bon Jovi             any questions email:guitargirljess@live.co.uk
 song: Just Older
 tuning: standard (eadgbe)

i'm pretty sure this is correct, well it sounds good as a strumalong. 



verse (power chords on low 'E' string):

hey man its been a while do you remember me
B                          A
when i hit these streets i was seventeen
a little wild, a little green
B                         A
i've been up and down and inbetween
G                                          B                  A
and after all these years, can you beleive, i'm stilll chasin dreams
but i aint looking over my shoulder

chorus (can be played as standard chors or power chords):

i like the bed im sleeping in
just like me it's broken in
A            D
its not old, just older
like a favorite pair of torn blue jeans
the skin i'm in is alright with me
A             D
it's not old, just older

bridge (standard chords):

i'm not old enough to sing the blues
G                           D
but i wore the holes in the soles of these shoes
C                                          G
you can roll the dice, till they call your bluff
Em                            A
but you cant win, till you're not afraid to loose

there is a small part in the song where the piano plays, i think the chords are 
just standard G and D.