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Bon Jovi — Let It Rain Chords

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Let it rain
Pavarotti and his friends(Jon Bon Jovi)


A        E        A        D — E — D — E7  (2x)

Couplet 1 (Jon)

       A       E       A    E

Last night, I had a dream,that there

      A   E        D   E7 
would be,a morning after
    A        E           A     E

Long days of sunshine and peace,long night of 

  A     E           D     E 

love,forgivness and laughter

D        A/C#     

Maybe it was just a dream, but

Bm            A

it could be reality

D                  A/C# 

Children are like planting seed you've

Bm                A       B

got to let their flower grow,


Dont you know 

Chorus (Luciano)

A   E   A      E