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Dan Potthast — Wheres Teddy Chords

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Dan Potthast Rocks the Casbah!!!


Intro (strum it mondo—fast):

Verse 1 (the palm—mute and strumming pattern is fairly easy):

C                 G             F
  Where's Teddy?  you should be by your friends

C               G        F
  Where are you now? are you sitting down?

C                 G             F          C—G—Am—E—F
  where's teddy?  you should be by your friends

Am           E/E7                C             G        F        Am
  If ifs and buts were candy and nuts you'd be here for one more year

Am          E/E7    C             G            F
  why can't i tie a tie anymore?  what's going wrong?

   Am                   G              C
my hands were stuck for so long to the steering wheel

(repeat chorus, same chords for verse 2, then...)

C              G
  Seven out of 10

Am             G F C           E7            Am             G7
  eight out of 10, nine out of 10, good shot here's your 50 cents

     C    C—G—Am—G—F
Good Luck

(repeat chorus a bunch)