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Eleventyseven — Love In Your Arms Chords

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Love In Your Arms: Eleventyseven

Capo: 3

Intro: C  D  F  G (x2)
(Verse 1)
C                             D
I've been looking for anything
F                            G
to point me in the right direction 
C                           D                                        F 
Time is running out and i still haven't figured out  
quite how i'm gonna reach perfection. 

(Pre—Chrous 1)
F                   Am                    G
Everybody is laying down the law, 
                  C                E              
they're all amazingly opinionated 
F                                 Am                            G    
I know there must be something more than what 
this world is believing in 

C                               D                               F
Cause i was lost in a place no one wants to be 
Trying hard to convince my heart to believe 
C                           D                              F
You were there all along i just couldn't see 
That there's a love in your arms that waiting for me 

(Verse 2)
C                          D                F
I never bother with the politics; 
In the end they never really matter at all 
C                        D                          F
So stop telling me who i want to be; 
freedom means i make decisions 

(Pre—Chorus 2)
F                         Am                 G
When everything gets so complicated, 
C             E                  F
who do i choose to believe? 
                    Am           G
Religion can be so overrated. 
but all i know is now i am free


C  Eb  C  Eb  C  Eb  C  Eb

(the Eb can be transposed to an F#)