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Ella Fitzgerald — Love Is Here To Stay Chords

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by Gershwen

It's pretty straight forward I hope. 

Bb7        F9
It's very clear 

F—7         Bb7      Eb    F—7
our love is here to stay. 

    Bb7    F7
Not for a year, 

F—7      Bb7   Db9   C9  F7
but ever and a day.

       Bb7 C7     F—7
The radio and the telephone

Bb7     Ebmaj7  Ab     F—6
And the movies that we know

     G7     Cm             F7               F—7    Bb7
May just be passing fancies and in time may go.

But, oh my dear, 

F—7         Bb7      Eb    F—7
Our love is here to stay.

   Bb7    F7
Together were 

F—7      Bb7       Db9   C9  F7
going a long, long way.

            Bb7         C7
In time the rockies may crumble,

   F—7        Bb7     Db9
Gibraltar may tumble, 

              C7      Ab
they're only made of clay.

                              1.         2.
Cdim Eb             F—7 Bb9 [Eb6  Bb7]  [Eb7]
But     our love is here to stay.