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Elmariachino — Campers Song Chords

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— This song is a salute to all the campers i had the pleasure to do a trip
— with. I name: Ralph, Julien, Eddy & Chekir.

                    Campers' song

D  G  A  D
D  G  A  A/Gb  A  D

            G                A                D
Once upon a time there was a small bunch of friends
                 G             A             D
They went everywhere they want led only by chance
                       G              A                D
They walked with their backpacks and nothing in their hands
         G                 A  A/Gb A  D
Yes, I remember now it was me and my friends

They walked in the sun of noon, even under the rain
They didn't feel their legs, they didn't feel the pain
You could them in the mountains winding like a train
Swimming in the ocean, flying like a plain

They dressed up their tents in the middle of nowhere
Where nobody would come 'cause nobody would dare
People said they're mad and of this they were aware
But what the others think they really didn't care

They sit around the fire when there's no more sunlight
Playing the guitar and singing in the night
If you see'em from away, you could admire the sight
And if you envy these guys, I think that you are right

I enjoyed that time and I wished it never ends
When together we camped in all deserts and all lands
Later when I'll get old and to my young age I'll glance
Surely what I'll see is me and my friends.