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Elmariachino — Can I Cry Chords

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              Can I Cry

      F	      C7
Can I cry tonight?
       Bb      	         Dm
I am tired and I can't fight
It's been so long that I'm awake
            B	             Dm
It's been so long I hurt and ache

	  Bb                Gm
I'll cry alone no one will see
            F  	              Dm
And hope my tears will set me free
              Dm	           Gm
And wash that taste that fills my soul
	    A              Dm
And let me again be in control

Can I cry again?
Some say tears can break the chain
I'm glad to know I still can feel
But I want now my heart to heal

Can I cry some more?
Till I find another shore
I always rode the stormy seas
This will just be a lovely breeze