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Eloy — Child Migration Chords

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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 16:18:02 —0500
From: Rob Michel 
Subject: Child Migration by Eloy


(Am) You are the bows from which
your (F)children as living arrows are sent forth
(Dm) the archer sees his mark
(Dm7) let your bending be (E)without fear

(F) You may give them your love but not your (E)thoughts
(F) you may house their bodies not their (E)souls

(Bm) They dwell in the house of tomorrow
(C) standing so far you'll never visit
(Am) for life goes not backward
(Dm) nor tarries with (Am)yesterday

(Am) Rain clouds of grey, gather slow behind your eyes
(Am) child of today, don't forget to sail the skies

— (Em)All things are in colours
  (Am)tunes of different age
  (Am)softer message from life's flower
  (Em)hills of long gone yesterdays

— (Dm)Distand hands in foreign lands
  (Em)rhythm remains unbroken
  (Dm)all unseen from where we stand
  (F)child migration, child migration(Am)

(Am) Dreams are the blossom, of our courage it is said
(Am) true life long forgotten, echoes lost inside our heads
This is how I play Child Migration, from the Eloy album Colours.
This version: 19—nov'97. Suggestions & requests welcome!
Rob Michel, The Netherlands
Email: 1O6421.1447@compuserve.com