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Fallulah — Work Song Tab

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   / Fallulah                     /
  / Work Song                    /
 / The Black Cat Neighbourhood  /

This song is played by an Ukulele in standard tuning (G C E A).
If you don't have an Ukulele, buy one! You can also simulate one with your
guitar by using capo on the 5th fret. This lifts the four high strings from
DGBE to GCEA. It won't be entirely the same as the lowest Ukulele—string, G,
is tuned one octave higher, ringing the note G right below the high A.

    C        G6          D             Am              2x

 Verse: Play the figure of the intro 8 times.

    A7                        F(add2)                  3x

  A7                        D(add4)

  D(add4)                   A

  A     Am    G6            C

  A     Am    G6            break



    A     Am    G6            C                        4x A

You can play the lottery
I can use my hands for praying
I'm not sure what I believe
But we've got a lot of paying to do
Working in this tired row
Only thing we've got in common
Buy me out so I can go
I believe I'm made for something

Every day's a battle to get up
Every day I put on a smile
And everyday it wears off
Every day I feel like telling the same people to shut up
Oh, it's so tough to love
With no love

I feel so misunderstood
I guess that it's my curse in life
Hope that I can do some good
With all the tears I've never cried
Could you hold my heavy heart?
Could you make it better soon?
Promise not to let it drop
I don't think I'll get a new

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen — 2nd /May /10
Just mail me at Maitinin@gmail.com with questions, comments and corrections!																																																																													tf_artist = "Fallulah";											tf_song = "Work Song";																															         																																																																																																		var loc = document.location.toString();var def = loc.indexOf("view_on");var vote_txt = $('.cnt_rate').html();var tab_scroller;$(document).ready (function (){	$(".search_input").autocomplete();	first_link = $('#print_link').attr('href');	tab_scroller = new TabScroller();	$('#arr_scroll').bind('click', function(){		hide_scroll();	});	$('.voting').bind('mouseleave', function (){	    $('.cnt_rate').html(vote_txt);		stars_fill (0);	});	$('.fill').each(function(index) {		$(this).bind('mouseover', function(){			stars_fill(index+1);			$('.cnt_rate').html(votes_arr[index+1]);		});	});	$('#pos_relative').hover (function (){},hide_versions_area);	$('#mv').hover (show_versions_area);	$('#coms_link').bind('click', function(){ 		viewComments(946389,false,'all');		location.href='#comments';		return false;	});    $(".searchsel").click(function() {        $('.selwin').toggle();        show_menu = 0;    });	refferers(def,946389);});