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Green Day — Alone Tab

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Green Day, the secret song sung by their drummer 4 minutes into FOD
Eugene Joly, eljoly@zdnetonebox.com

Green Day
Dookie Album
Hidden track after #14
begins about 4:08 —or— 4:23
?s, comments, email me => eljoly@zdnetonebox.com

Pretty self—explanatory... just listen to the song to figure out when to cut back and forth between parts A and B:

  / B—|——3—3—3—3———3—3—3—3———3—3—3—3———3—3—3—3|
A | G—|———————————0———————————————————0———————|
  | D—|—0———————————————————0—————————————————|
  / B—|——5—5—5—5———5—5—5—5———5—5—5—5———5—5—5—5|
B | G—|———————————————————————————————————————|
  | D—|———————————————————————————————————————|

I was alone
I was all by myself
No one was looking
I was thinking of you
Oh yeah, did I mention... 
I was all by myself

All by myself
All by myself
All by myself

I went to your house
But no one was there
I went to your room
I was all by myself
You and me had
Such wonderful times
When I—m all by myself

All by myself