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Green Day — Good Riddance (ver 8) Chords

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Green Day: Time of your life (Good Riddance)

Transcribed by: Adam Pankalla

[G]Another [Em]turning point, a [Am]fork stuck in the [D]road

[G]Time grabs you [Em]by the wrist di[Am]rects you where to [D]go

[Em]So make the [D]best of this [Am]test and don?t ask [G]why

[Em]It?s not a [D]question but a [Am]lesson learned in [D]time


It?s [Em]something unpre[G]dictable, but [C]in the end it?s [G]right

I [Em]hope you had the [D]time of your [G]life   (strumming G C D) X2

[G]So take the [Em]photographs and [Am]still frames in your [D]mind

[G]Hang it [Em]on a shelf in [Am]good health and good [D]times

[Em]Tattoos of [D]memories and [Am]dead skin on [G]trial

[Em]For what it?s [D]worth it was [Am]worth all the [D]while

Chorus (X2)