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Green Day — Jaded (ver 2) Chords

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Green Day,Jaded.
Tabbed by Raimonno,daffery@tiscaline.it.

Artist: Green—Day
Song: Jaded  
Tabbed by: Raimonno

 A G D(very fast)

A         G           
Somebody keep my balance,
   A                D
I think I'm falling off.
A       G           A
Into a state of regression,
A        G       
The expiration date.
  A            D
Rapidly coming up,
 A           G             A
I'ts leaving me behind to rank.

Always move forward,
                             A     A G D(very fast)
Going straight will get you nowhere.
There is no progress,
Evolution killed it all.

*Repeat intro*


*Repeat Chorus*
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