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Green Day — Restless Heart Syndrome (ver 2) Chords

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Green Day
Restless Heart Syndrome
21st Century Breakdown
2009 Reprise Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Gm —  355333
C —   x32010
F —   133211
C/E — 032xxx
Eb —  x68886
D —   xx0232
G# —  466544
Cm —  x35543
Bb —  x13331
F/A — x032xx

Intro: Piano
     Gm         C         F        Bb        Eb        G#      D

Verse 1:
Gm           F            C/E  Eb
  I've got a really bad disease
Gm            F             C/E       Eb
  It's got me begging on my hands and knees 
   Gm      F   C/E   Eb
So take me to emergency 
Gm                F              C/E Eb
  Cause something seems to be missing 

Verse 2:
Gm         F              C/E Eb
  Somebody take the pain away 
Gm             F              C/E   Eb
  It's like an ulcer bleeding in my brain 
   Gm      F      C/E   Eb
So send me to the pharmacy 
Gm         F           C/E Eb
  So I can lose my memory 

Refrain 1:
Cm      Bb   F/A  G#
   I'm elated Medicated 
Cm              Bb
   Lord knows I tried to 
       F/A G#        D
find a way   to run away 

Verse 3:
Gm             F             C/E Eb
  I think they found another cure 
Gm           F                  C/E Eb
  For broken hearts and feeling insecure 
      Gm    F           C/E Eb
You'd be surprised what I endure 
Gm               F              C/E   Eb
  What makes you feel so self—assured? 

Verse 4:
Gm           F               C/E Eb
   I need to find a place to hide
Gm           F
   You never know what 
         C/E        Eb
could be waiting outside 
    Gm  F          C/E       Eb 
The accidents that you could find 
Gm               F          C/E Eb
  It's like some kind of suicide 

Refrain 1:
Cm         Bb
   So what ails you 
F/A          G#
   is what impales you 
Cm             Bb
   I feel like I've been 
     F/A G#           D
crucified  to be satisfied 

Chorus 1:
Gm             F
  I'm a victim  of my symptom 
C/E         Cm         F   D
    I am my own worst enemy 
Gm                F
  You're a victim   of your symptom 
C/E             Cm             
   You are your own 
       F    D(hold)
worst enemy Know your enemy 

Guitar Solo: Gm—F—C/E—Eb x4

Guitar 2: with effects pedal
     Gm         F        C/E       Eb        Gm         F       C/E       Eb

     Gm         F        C/E       Eb        Gm         F      C/E   Eb

Chorus 2:
Gm(hold)      F(hold)
   I'm elated   Medicated 
C/E        Cm         F   D
   I am my own worst enemy 
   So what ails you 
   Is what impales you 
C/E             Cm
   You are your own 
       F   D
worst enemy 

Chorus 3:
Gm                F
  You're a victim   of the seizure
C/E         Cm         F   D
    I am my own worst enemy 
Gm                F
  You're a victim   of the seizure
C/E             Cm             
   You are your own 
       F    D
worst enemy

Outro: Gm——Gm——Eb——Eb—Dm x4, Gm—Gm—Gm—Gm(hold)