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Green Day — She Tab

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if (Math.floor(Math.random()*3) == 0){	document.write("");}	 																																													She Tab									by Green Day tabs |											tabbed by Delonge821 | 									comments (3) 																																													1																							2																							3																							4																							5																																															  6 votes 								 																	 									print																																							 									send																																							 									report																																																																																																													More versions:																																																																																																																																			Ver 2																																																																																																																																Ver 3																																																																																																																																Ver 4																																																																																																																																Ver 5																																																																																																																																Ver 6																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																						Recommended tabs																																																											If you like She Tab by Green Day you might also like these songs:																									Welcome To Paradise Chordsby Green Day																									Down Tabby Blink 182																									Pretty Fly For A White Guy Tabby Offspring																																																																																																																																She Lyricsby Green Day Lyrics																						She Tabat 911Tabs.com																																																						 																																																																																																																																																																																												 																																																																																																																												+ to speed up (numpad)															— to slow down (numpad)															Esc to stop																												Help																																																																																																																																																																																																																				She tab by Green Day, www.Ultimate—Guitar.Com																																																																		View She tab on your iPhone or iPod Touch																																														Listen to She																																														Add to favourites																																																																																														tf_artist = "Green Day";											tf_song = "She";																																																												ok as most of you know green day tunes there instraments down 1/2
step but u can play this song in standard tuning.im going to tab
this outr in standard tunning.

this song is so easy and it kicks major ass.any questions or corrections 
e—mail me at boxcarkid821@aol.com..........tom delonge is guitar god.

a———4——————just palm mute this right b4 the first chorus—————————————————

this is the chourus but i didng put the strummin cuz its easy to figure out

a———4———————4—————————2*4————2———4*end on4———————————————————————————————
this is the verse but no strumming

ok thats the whole song all u have to do if figure out where it all goes
and timing and shit like that i dont careif its right or wrong cuz it
sounds right to me.																																															She Lyrics																																																	tf_artist = "Green Day";											tf_song = "She";																															         																																																																																																		var loc = document.location.toString();var def = loc.indexOf("view_on");var vote_txt = $('.cnt_rate').html();var tab_scroller;$(document).ready (function (){	$(".search_input").autocomplete();	first_link = $('#print_link').attr('href');	tab_scroller = new TabScroller();	$('#arr_scroll').bind('click', function(){		hide_scroll();	});	$('.voting').bind('mouseleave', function (){	    $('.cnt_rate').html(vote_txt);		stars_fill (3);	});	$('.fill').each(function(index) {		$(this).bind('mouseover', function(){			stars_fill(index+1);			$('.cnt_rate').html(votes_arr[index+1]);		});	});	$('#pos_relative').hover (function (){},hide_versions_area);	$('#mv').hover (show_versions_area);	$('#coms_link').bind('click', function(){ 		viewComments(43245,false,'all');		location.href='#comments';		return false;	});    $(".searchsel").click(function() {        $('.selwin').toggle();        show_menu = 0;    });	refferers(def,43245);});