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Green Day — Simpsons Theme Tab

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Artist: Green Day
Album: Simpsons Single
Song: The Simpsons Theme
Runtime: 1:23

Update: September 23rd 2007: Fixed the fretting that EVERYONE was complaining about... I 
don't see the point, but it's annoying that I get comments with everyone saying the 
thing. This means that instead of 10th fret on the B string, it's 5th fret on the E string.

Right, so Green Day helped out Matt Groening by rewriting a rock version of his theme.
They're also gonna show up in the movie and I believe drown. :P

This song came out on the 23rd of July so it's sort of late, but I hope you'll forgive.
:) The chords that are played in the background are on top and they're ALL POWER CHORDS
B5, E5...).

   C5                            x2 B5                          x2
E |———————5—————————————————————| |———————4————————————————————| |
B |———5—7———8—5———————————————o—| |———4—6———7—4——————————————o—| |
G |—5———————————5———————————————| |—4———————————4——————————————| |
D |———————————————7—4—4—4—5~————| |————————————————6—3—3—3—4~——| |
A |———————————————————————————o—| |——————————————————————————o—| |
E |—————————————————————————————| |————————————————————————————| |

    E5                            x2 C5                          x2
 |————————9——————————————————————| |———————5————————————————————| |
B |———9—11———12—9——————————————o—| |———5—7———8—5——————————————o—| |
G |—9—————————————9——————————————| |—5———————————5——————————————| |
D |—————————————————11—8—8—8—9~——| |———————————————7—4—4—4—5~———| |
A |————————————————————————————o—| |——————————————————————————o—| |
E |——————————————————————————————| |————————————————————————————| |

Guitar 1(0:53)  x15
E |—————————————|
B |—11—11—xx——o—|
G |—————————————|
D |—————————————|
A |———————————o—|
E |—————————————|

Guitar 2
  (0:57)         (1:00)
E |—————————————|———————————————————————11———————|
B |—————————————|———8h11