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Green Day — Tell Me When Its Time To Say I Love You Chords

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Green Day
Tell Me When It's Time to Say I Love You @ MSG, NYC July 28 2009

G                          D 
   Words get trapped in my mind,
               Em                              C
Sorry I don't take the time to feel the way I do.
           G                           D
'Cause the first day you came into my life,
                        G                  D
All time ticks around you

G                          D 
   But when I need your voice
               Em                              C
And the key to unlock all the love trapped in me
            G              D              G       G7 
So tell me when it's time to say I love you. 


C                 G             
    All I want is you to understand,
      D                                  G
That when I take your hand, it's 'cause I want to.
C                  G     
        We are all born in a world of doubt.
But there's no doubt,
I figured out...
G  G/F# G/E
I love you.


I've been longing for
All the losers that were meant to take the time to say,
What was really on their mind instead
Any time away.??
Yet they'll never have someone like you to back down and help along the way.


G                      D              G
Or tell them when it's time to say I love you
G                     D             C       C/B C/A
So tell me when it's time to say I love you.

Tab author: Vinogradov Gleb bazoom@mail.ru