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Green Day — When I Come Around Chords

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Subject:      When I Come Around by Green Day

All the best songs on album we're tabbed already, but here's one that's really
  fun to play...Turn down your tone and crank the distortion:

|————————————————————————————————————————————   The rhythm changes later, but
|————————————————————————————————————————————      it's not hard to work out.

Chorus:    |—————————————————————————————————
           |————6—6—6—6—6—6—6—6/—9—9—9—9—9———  etc.

—After the 2nd chorus add this little riff which is strangly reminiscent of
          |—11————11————13————13——————————11————11—————————————  or something
          |————11————11————11————11————13————13————————————————    like that

—  And there you go.  take 'er easy...

    3ev1@qucdn.QueensU.CA   (Van Vekris)

From: rw8063@csc.albany.edu (Roland W)
Subject: CRD green day, when i come around

neat chords, neat melody.  chords are played in barre style (except
for the a chord in the chorus).

when i come around, green day

G		D		E		C
	    i heard you crying loud
	    all the way across town

A			C
	no time to search the world around
	'cause you know where i'll be found
					when i come around

i don't know the solo, but it kinda sounds like the intro to 'today'
by smashing pumpkins.

roland					pgp key available through finger
rw8063@rachel.albany.edu			rolandw@bart.albany.edu

From: mic@seanet.com (Michael Cramer)
Subject: Re: TAB:    greenday      " When I come around"

Sagar Vaidya (svaidya@nextlab10.calstatela.edu) wrote:
: This is what I saw off of SNL:

: Main Riff: 
:                    I saw you coming round
: 	 x   x  G         x  x  D       x  Em    C 

: Chorus:
:    ...that makes the    ..world go round
: 	A  A  A  A          C  C  C  C 

:      On the    x    just Palm mute.
:      On the solo just bar the e,b,g strings at the 3rd fret and
:      apreggiate them and use pinky to play 5 or 6 on the e string
:      Then it look like the Em chord and then the A but I'm, not sure.

: G:
: 		 ——4—
:  	         ——5—
: 	         ——5—
:               (E)——3—

: D:
:     ——7—
:     ——7—
:     ——7—
:     ——5—
:     ——x—

: Em:   ——8—
:       ——9—
:       ——9—
:       ——7—
:       ——x—

: A:   ——2—
:      ——2—
:      ——0—
:      ——x—

: C:   ——5—
:      ——5—
:      ——5—
:      ——3—
:      ——x—

:    ( you know, its a bitch to tab this all in

I think he means the solo is like this

( and the lyrics are like "No time to chase the world around , cuase ya 
know where I'll be found! when i come around"
if you care..