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Green Day — Words I Might Have Ate Chords

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Greenday,Words I Might Have Ate.
 Tabbed by Habib,martin.pittamitz@aon.at.
Title: Words I Might Have Ate

Artist: Green Day 
Album: Kerplunk 
Tabbed by: Habib 

I like this song by Greenday very much and finally i also tried to tab it 
 :). It's not that bad, send me some additions if you want.


    A     G     E     A5    D5    F#    F     E5 


|Intro| : A5, G 


	A 		   G            A 

now it seems i can't keep my mind off you 

   A			     G 		     E 

my brain drifts back to better days we've been through 

(Gleiche Akkorde) 

like sitting on blacktop of the school grounds 

the love i bitched about i finally found 


    D5       A5   G     F#       F = 

but now it's gone and i take the blame 

           D5            E5              A5 

so there's nothing i can do but take the pain...why? 

A, G 

|Verse II|

now i dwell on what you remind me of 

a sweet young girl who sacrificed her love 

as for me i am blind without a cause 

and now i realized what i have lost 

|Chorus II|

it was something real that i could've had now i play the fool who's soul's 

gone bad...why? 

A, G 


E           A                  G 

tell me the words i might have said

E			    A		       G

it's pumping pressure deep inside my head 

E		   A		    G

was it bad enough to be too late 

E		     A			G

just tell me the words i might have ate 

A 			     G 

the words i might have ate... 

repeat Chorus

End = Intro 

greetz to oli, matt and the rest of the band  (who will never read this *g*)!!! 
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