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Hillsong London — Follow The Son (ver 2) Chords

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Hello this is follow the son, awsome song only i cant write tabs so this is the intro notes
Intro notes: E D E A G D

You are the light
G             D            Em
That guides my way through fear
G          D 
I know my path
Will lead me to the King
G            D 
And all the world
Will bow to worship You 

(Same Chords)

You are the God 
Who changed the world through one Holy Son 
You gave everything 
So all the world 
Will bow in awe of You 

Am                     D 
You came down through grace
D                 Em 
To show a better way  (yeah)
C            G
I follow the Son
You're the only One
          Em  D   C           
Let Your kingdom come
I'm giving it all
To the One I love (Jesus)
C             G
I follow the Son
Jesus holy One
          Em  D   C
Let Your will be done
           Em D C
I give it all to You 
(Play Riff)
You are everything to me (4x)