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Himsa — Rain To The Sound Of Panic Tab

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Band:  HIMSA
Album: Courting Tragedy and Disaster
Song:  Rain to the sound of panic

Copyright (c)  Prosthetic Records, 2003
Version 1.0 — June 17th

Transcribed By: (M.L)
Email:          mart__420@hotmail.com

.  — palm mute           /  — slide up to
  — slide down to       ~  — vibrato
h  — hammer on           b  — Bend
p  — pull off            Suffixes for bend
t  — tap                 f  — full bend    h — half bend
ph — pinched harmonic    q  — quarter bend t — tap bend
*  — see comment         ^  — Hold bend    r release bend
x  — Stuccatto           ~  — vibrato bend
,  — slight palm mute    () — ghost note, sustained note
"  — tremolo note         — Trill

Pay attention to the guitars on the right and also the number of times each
riff is played. Questions or comments, email me.

Tuning C G C F A D

Intro/Outro Riff