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Hoagy Charmichael — Stardust Chords

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Music by Hoagy Charmichael, 1927.
(Official site: http://www.hoagy.com)
Lyrics by Mitchell Parrish, 1929.

Sometimes, I wonder why
I spend such lonely nights

dreaming of a song
    G                E7
the melody haunts my reverie
    Am   E7              Am
and I am once again with you
when our love was new
         A7            D7
and each kiss an inspiration
Ah, but that was long ago
and now my consolation
D7        A7            D7 
is in the stardust of a song
Beside a garden wall,
when stars were bright

and you are in my arms.
The Nightengale told
    E7           Am  E7
his fairytale of paradise,
where roses grew
and though I dream in vain,
      G              E7
in my heart, it will remain.
   Am7              D7
My stardust Melody,
the memory of
         G      Cm    G
Love's Refrain.