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Jason Mraz — Mudhouse Gypsy Mc (ver 2) Chords

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  / Jason Mraz           /  I found this sweet little rap—tune on the bonus disc
 / Mudhouse / Gypsy MC  /  that comes with the limited edition of "We Sing. We
/______________________/  Dance. We Steal Things." Jason is a great rapper as well!

 Song Structure:
The guitar part for this song is very simple!
These 8 bars are repeated all the way through the song.

| Em7 | Em7 | C6sus2 | C6sus2 |

| D/F# | D/F# | Em7 | Em7 |

This is how the three chords are played — very typical Jason Mraz chords.
The brackets () around the notes in the Em7 indicate that these two notes aren't
played all the time. The high B on the 7th fret is rarely heard, and isn't very
important. The open E—string isn't played until later in the song, simply to add
some excitement and power later in the song.

    Em7    C6sus2   D/F#
e:——(7)—— ——————— ———————:
B:———8——— ———8——— ———7———:
G:———7——— ———7——— ———7———:
D:———9——— ———7——— ———7———:
A:———7——— ———x——— ———9———:
E:——(0)—— ———8——— ———————:

 Strumming pattern:
Every bar follows the same strumming pattern. This bar is just an example of the
first bar of Em7. The (x) means to strum and mute the strings with your right
palm. This is done to create the "snare drum—feeling" on the beats 2 and 4.
x then means to usually strum the strings while they're muted with your left
hand fingers. This is also a very typical Mraz—pattern, also used for Butterfly,
when he plays that acoustic.

  1        2        3        4

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen — 31st /May /09
Just mail me at Maitinin@gmail.com with questions, comments and corrections!