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Jason Mraz — Not So Usual (ver 2) Chords

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Jason Mraz                 Not So Usual

This is my an adaptation to a previous tab that I thought was wrong.
Listening to the "Live at the Eagles Ballroom" version of the song, I'm pretty sure this 

Standard Tuning — E A D G B E

Intro Em Am B7 (play 4 times)

            Em     Am    B7                        Em
This is the most unusual story, of a most unusual girl
          Am          B7                          Em
She stood painting my picture, of a most unusual world

        Am           B7                              Em
She can crawl out of frame while shes hanging on the wall
          Am         B7
And she's callin' my name
                 Em         Am       B7
She's not so usual,                  Oh, no
                 Em         Am       B7
She's not so usual,                  Oh, No!

Em   Am         B7
She's mostly a ghost, the way she watches over me
Em        Am            B7
She complains when I smoke, but then you do the same to me,

Em           Am          B7                           Em
She's controlling my brain activity, knowing when I go.. to sleep
       Am                 B7
She's gonna catch me when I'm falling hard
               Em            Am        B7
She's most unusua—al,                    Ha, now!
               Em            Am        B7
She's not so usual,                      HA! NO!
               Em            Am        B7
She's not so usua—al,                    Ho, no.
               Em            Am        B7
She's not so usual,                      Oh no.

She's not so hooked on the drugs like I thought that she was,
And never sucking on the lime, and hardly sipping on the wine,
And despite of her bipolar rollercoastering,
I think I can try, she'll keep me singing differently,
          G                D            Em
And it's fine, cause she's with me now, most all of the time,
Trying and saving my life, thinking not of her own,
And always kissing me goodnight when I just need to be alone.
         G         D               Em
She's so sweet, so discrete, she's exactly what I need,
          Am              B7
Not even make believe... Ohh
                Em     Am   B7 ...    Em     
She's not so usual
                Em     Am   B7 ...    Em     
She's not so You...         Ha..!

(Continue playing Em  Am  B7 throughout Vocal Ad—libs)

Oh... well say she's not so, not so usual, use,
But see she not too practical neither, babe.
I say she not so, not so mystical,
Not so magical — why? Because she say so.
An' not so out of control,
And not so...Into the phone.
She's not so u—sua—al.
She's a natural,
Oh, she's not so... u—sua—al—Oh! Oh!
All she wants to do is so—oul!
But she's not so you — Ha!
She's not so you.
Not so low!

(End on Em Am—Em)

I hope you've enjoyed playing this great song.  Comments and corrections welcome.